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The Burgess Hill Symphony Orchestra has been performing live classical music in mid-Sussex for over 30 years. We perform two concerts each year, normally in May and November. Our members are all local musicians. We meet regularly throughout the year, offering our members the chance to work in detail on the pieces selected for the next concert.

This website tells you some more about our history and the pieces we have performed over the years. It tells you what is in our next concert, and how you can join us or become a Patron or Sponsor. In addition, we have a Facebook page.

Our last full concert was on 10 May.  The orchestra's wind section performed as part of the Burgess Hill Fairtrade Festival 2014 in Classics and Cakes on 16 March, and on 8 June we performed in the Festival Marquee, St John's Park as part of the Burgess Hill Summer Festival. Our next full concert will be at St Andrew's Church on 15 November.  

Supported by the Humphrey Richardson Taylor Trust