Music from Frozen

Frozen is the hugely popular Disney film about the newly-crowned Queen Elsa who accidentally uses her powers to turn things into ice in order to curse her home to infinite winter. Her sister Anna teams up with rugged mountain man Kristoff, his reindeer Sven and Olaf the snowman to try and reverse the curse and bring back Summer.

The piece starts with the song ‘Frozen Heart’ which is sung by a group of Icemen who are hacking up the ice and singing about how beautiful but how dangerous the ice can be. The beat of the piece mimics the rhythmic sounds of their saws and it sets the tone for the wintry theme of the film.

When Elsa and Anna were children, Elsa’s powers accidentally hurt Anna and the next song, ‘Do You Want To Build A Snowman’, charts Anna’s attempts through her child and teen years to get Elsa to play with her. But Elsa, haunted by what she has done, cannot be convinced and remains locked away in her bedroom.

‘In Summer’ is a much lighter song with a relaxed feel and presents some comic relief as Olaf the snowman imagines what summer would be like and is shown in various improbable scenes such as relaxing on a sun lounger and soaking in a hot tub.

Elsa sings ‘Let It Go’ when she has ostracised herself away from her home and realises she no longer has to hide her powers and can live more freely, turning all to ice around her with impunity. It is the film’s most famous song and has won a host of awards including Best Song at the Grammys.

The final song in the medley is ‘For The First Time In Forever’ and is first heard when Anna and Elsa are excitedly practicing for Elsa’s coronation and then appears again at the end of the film when Anna finally catches up with Elsa and confronts her about what she has done. Despite everything that has happened Anna is still desperate to maintain her relationship with her sister and during the dramatic final scenes Elsa suddenly realises that love can overcome the perpetual winter and is able to reverse her curse and bring back Summer. But don’t worry about Olaf, Elsa creates a perpetual blizzard above his head to keep him nice and frozen!

Vicky Moran, 2nd Violin.