Williams: Superman – Prelude & Main Title

This is the quintessential telling of the legend that truly made us believe a man could fly. Richard Donner’s take is one of great affection and humour, and his casting of an unknown Christopher Reeve in the title role was truly inspired. Reeve brought great warmth and humility to both Clark Kent and Superman, a performance that is hard to follow. With a super supporting cast that included Margot Kidder and Marlon Brando, Superman is as entertaining today as it ever was.

The theme for Superman is forever engrained in the consciousness of the world, so difficult is it to see that cape and that symbol without hearing John Williams’ glorious fanfare and march. Add to that one of the composer’s greatest love themes and you’ve got a winning concert piece; this music truly has the power to lift you out of your seats. Don’t look down…

Christian Siddall, 2nd Violin; image Andie Tong